October 7, 2013

Sage on the Stage - Increasing Parental Involvement

Have you ever been to a sports contest for students and think to yourself: 'it would be great if parents were this excited and came out in these numbers for PTA or family workshops.' 

I mean it is during the EXACT same time as a PTA meeting and the entire community is there cheering on the student. 

How can we, then, transfer that same enthusiasm to math night, PTA and honor roll?

Put the students on stage. Let them plan, lead, and execute the activities and the parents will rise to the occasion. To teach is to learn twice so having student presenters is a benefit to them also. 

Student presenters:
Practice planning and problem solving
Collaborate with co-facilitators
Model best practices
Gain great leadership ability
Increase self esteem and self efficacy

Learn from their students
Get accustomed to school wide strategies 

Facilitate and clarify when needed 
Support parents as guides
Ensure family contact info is accurate

Do you have experience with this model or are you willing to try it and share? 


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