October 10, 2013

There is a King in You

During my personal devotion this morning and the song, 'There is a King in You'.  I connected with it for many reasons. Please allow me to build with you on the fact that there are king and queen like destinies for everyone. 

Everyone has a purpose and a future. Everyone has a past. In order to help our community members and students reveal that purpose, we must speak positivity and encouragement each day. For me, speaking life into a situation includes using words or phrases that keep their dream alive. Let's continue to motivate and encourage, even in our thoughts.

Do you really believe that all students can achieve great things? From the core of who you are? It is essential to believe it yourself before you can give authentic encouragement to another.

As a young child, there were several words or phrases we were not allowed to say. At the time I didn't fully understand why my mother added the word 'can't' to the list of things we aren't to say.

But, now, as a mother of six - I get it! She wanted to us try everything before giving up. Don't say you can't, say I have a hard time trying, she would say. That meant, I had to try. So many of us are ready to give up and you haven't even tried. You can open that store, you can go back to school for that degree, you can reach your fitness goals. There is a King (and Queen) in you. 

Live on purpose and be mindful of the words you speak. 

Donald Lawrence's says:

You come from royalty

An aristocratic dynasty
The goal of the enemy
Is that you don't know who you are

There's power when you speak
Be mindful of words you release
But the King in me speaks to the King in you

You were born to rule there is a King in you
Speak with such defeat?
Speak with such low esteem?
But the King in me speaks to the King in you
You were born to rule, there is a King in you

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