September 12, 2013

21st Century Organization

Being a mother of six children, I am often asked how I do it. While I don't have a full response which satisfies the shocked inquirer, I do know one thing for sure: Technology has helped me to become a more organized advocate for my children.

Taking tweeting and texting beyond its social realm of existence, I have learned that collaborating with practitioners as partners scores a home run for team Student Success. The use of Google Calendar and video messaging services like Google Hangout and Skype have allowed me to meet with teachers while I am sitting in the parking lot awaiting the children's dance class to end (like right now). 

Now the Google Calendar can be synchronized to all family devices and alerts can be programmed also. So if you are always forgetting to do the reading log, place it on the calendar with an audible alert and hold yourself accountable. Count out how many days are left on the lunch account and add it the calendar, with any school testing dates, then doctor and dentist appointments when assessments are not scheduled. The calendaring doesn't stop there. Add weekly chores, SAT words of the week, extracurricular activities and play dates.

Use the tools to your advantage.

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