September 8, 2013

Back to School: Time to Build

I wonder how other administrators feel as they conduct walkthroughs in their schools. As I enter the classrooms and view student work in the hallways, I feel the positive energy throughout the campus.

The educators in my building make me miss being an educator. They engage students through building relationships with families and communities. Once that foundation of respect, clear expectations and genuine support is established, authentic teaching and learning can take place in a fault-free, non-confrontational environment.

Ways to build relationships with our teachers include:

  • Soliciting their opinion and allowing that data to drive decisions
  • Allowing them to lead programs and professional learning
  • Staff retreats and monthly opportunities to build as a unit
  • Support and encourage learning through attending conferences
  • Remove barriers that may hinder teaching and learning

We build relationships with our kings and queens by: 

  • Greeting them at the door with a handshake each day
  • Checking in with them throughout the day, at lunch and in the hallways
  • Asking their opinion before making decisions which effect them
  • Empowering them to self-advocate and honoring their courage
  • Support them in their community activities
  • Allowing them to create opportunities to lead on campus
  • Coaching them in understanding errors and how to atone with others.
It is through love, understanding, and an unwavering focus of the mission and vision which we are all called to support that provides the greatest opportunity to build long-lasting relationships with our school community.


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